Sushma S Trivedi, MFT
License # 47584

General Practice

Psychotherapy can be an important contributor to improving congruence, coherence, and the sense of well-being in life.  The purpose of marriage and family therapy is to address factors that contribute to more adequate, satisfying, and productive relationships.

I work with children, teenagers, individuals, couples, and families.  I provide psychotherapy for a variety of problems.  Following are some examples:

  • Childhood problems such as fighting, lying, impulse control,  and power struggles;
  • Teenage problems such as lack of motivation, depression, sexuality, aggression, and  substance abuse;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Couple relationship issues, separation and divorce;
  • Relationship problems at work;
  • Cross-cultural issues, arranged marriages, extended families; and
  • Trauma, grief and loss.

These and many other problems lead to unhappiness and stress in interpersonal relationships.  Often, the interpersonal dynamic is such that it compounds the problems.  For example, children may act out as a response to a stressor in the family.  The acting out behavior of the children stresses parents further, and they take it out on each other and/or the children. The problems keep getting worse.  Counseling provides the family with skills to handle the stress and conflict in a positive and constructive manner.

I am trained in EMDR techniques used for the treatment of trauma.