Sushma S Trivedi, MFT
License # 47584


Parenting is a daunting task.  While parents enjoy their children, they can also feel overwhelmed, ineffective, frustrated, and sometimes angry with the demands placed on them as parents.  Other factors such as cultural adjustment, extended family, health, housing, occupational problems, economic pressures, addictions etc can interfere with parenting.  I offer:

  • Parent Education
  • Parent Counseling
  • Counseling for Co-parenting
  • Counseling for Adoptive Parents
  • Parenting your Adult Children

Once you are a parent, you are a parent for ever.  As time goes on, the developmental, social, and emotional needs of parents and children change.  The parents need to change their focus and techniques to serve these changing needs.  I work with families to reduce the inter-generational conflict among adults.

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